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университеты и вузы украины - высшее образование в харькове
Новини: Конкурс есе серед студентів ХНУБА на тему: «Чому варто навчатися в ХНУБА?»
Наш навчальний заклад займає одну з найвищих сходинок у рейтингу кращих ВНЗ України, як щодо рівня учбового процесу, так і подальшої долі випускників на ринку працевлаштування. Але що з цього приводу можуть сказати наші студенти? Чому вони обрали саме ХНУБА серед розмаїття пропозицій?

В рамках профорієнтаційної роботи кафедра іноземних мов провела конкурс есе серед студентів ХНУБА на тему: «Чому варто навчатися в ХНУБА?». До вашої уваги деякі з них.

Why did we choose our University?

College life - what can sound more exciting for a young person? Many people have been waiting this time since school. Then the school - leavers will pass the entrance exams. And finally, one turns from an applicant into a first - year student. We did it! We entered. We got in to the university! Do you remember this feeling? We do.
Finally, all thoughts are left behind and everyone has chosen what he liked most. That's why, we have chosen Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture. We are future civil-engineers. To begin with our names! ?Our names are Yuliia Honcharova and Ihor Popov. And let us consider what the advantages and disadvantages of college life and why we choose our University.
Firstly, we would like to say that many people think that it is much easier to study at the university than at school. But it's a big mistake. From the very first classes the avalanche of home assignments falls on us. We have to keep late hours if we want to manage to keep pace with the curriculum.
Secondly, as for us, our study keeps us busy all day long. We have many hours of "Iron and concrete constructions", in spite of many seminars and lectures.
One argument in support of our University, that every day we get many information and useful knowledge, that help us in our study and will help in our future professions. Also we would like to say that many people work for the sake of our education: professors, assistant professors, senior lectures, lectures, tutors, heads of departments, subdeans and the dean. What respectable people are they!
To draw the conclusion, one can say that our University gives good level of education and our knowledge is on the high level. So it's up to everybody to decide whether to enter our University and study or not.

Cт-ти гр. П-31 Гончарова Ю., Попов І.



Why should you enter Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture?

A good education doesn't depend just on students' efforts. It also depends on the opportunities, which the university gives to the students. KNUCEA is situated in Kharkiv, which is one of the biggest cities on the East of Ukraine. This city is considered to be students' city, that is why here are a lot of different events and competitions, in which students can take part. The location of the university is suitable for everyone as it is situated on the main street - Sumska.
People used to think that the main specialization of the university is shown in its name. But except architectural and engineering departments, KNUCEA has a lot of other interesting and demanded specialties. Besides this university has a foreign department, which allows students from all over the world to study here. Thus if you enter KNUCEA you will have an opportunity to meet and become friends with people from various countries. In case if you want to study abroad, KNUCEA gives you such opportunity. There is a special contract between Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture and several European universities under the program Erasmus.
All the teachers in KNUCEA are qualified and skilled. Almost all of them from the departments of construction, architecture and design practice their skills, so you can visually see how to apply the knowledge in life. A lot of professors or associated professors hold free additional classes, which any of students can attend. Besides, a lot of different workshops are held in this university.
KNUCEA has two big book and electronic libraries with reading rooms. There are all needed materials for classes, which allow students to save their time when searching for information.
Student's life in KNUCEA is rich and bright. Students have an opportunity to go in for sports in various sections, participate in sport and educational competitions, do scientific research and take part in different workshops.
If you are not from Kharkiv, then Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture provides you with hostels. There are two buildings for students, each of them has all things needed for the simple living conditions and is not far from the university.
In conclusion, entering Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture you provide yourself with good education, interesting leisure time and multicultural surrounding.


Ст. гр. АД-22 Форостян А.




I think everybody knows that education is necessary to be successful in our life. I would like to say some words about my university. I am studying at Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture. It is one of the biggest architectural universities in our country. There are five faculties. I am studying at the faculty of architecture. My specialty is architectural environment design. Usually we have three or four lessons: seminars, lectures, practices. Sometimes we have additional lessons. Also you can take active part in everyday students' life. There are many universities and colleges in Kharkov, but I chose to study in the best university of architectural design in our. Studying in my branch is difficult but very interesting.


Ст. групи АД-21 Пустовіт А.



My name is Ann Khmelevskaya. I am 19 years old. I would like to say some words about my university. My branch is design and I am going to be an architect. I know that many teenagers dream about studying here but the entrance exams are not easy. I had to study hard to become a student of this University. Our university often holds international conferences. There are also frequent international programmes based on education exchange. Students may enter our university for many reasons, for example, career preparation, enlarging knowledge, new experience.
It is commonly known that higher education opens all the doors to people who want to get a well-paid job in future. The university prepares people for practical work and gives advantage for making a successful career. Also our university trains us to be creative. Welcome to KNUCEA!


Ст .групи АД-21 Хмелевська Г.




I am a girl of practice that is why I will be short. It was my choice because our university gives very good training on my specialty. There are only two Universities which have got specialty I need in Kharkov.
And other important factor is University location in the centre of our city. There are no troubles to get it from every place.
And at the end the most important thing is my guaranteed employment. Because nowadays it is very problematically.


Ст. групи ТВ-21 Філіпенко Д.




In every man's life there are some important moments that determine his fate, or, at least, his way of life for the nearest years. These events can be either accidental or carefully prepared. Admission to the university is an event which is usually prepared in advance. Of course, it is difficult to choose which of the universities you need, when you're only 16 years old. Because there are so many variants, and each offers its own style and direction of life, its own internal philosophy. As for me, I started to think seriously about which way I need only at the end of my school life. I wanted to be the linguist because the study of English was always interesting for me, I loved to draw and I was at math class, so I had a lot of interests and none of them was leading. And once, my classmate told me that he wanted to become an architect. I've never thought of that specialty before and it became a kind of discovery for me. A figure of architect as a picture of man developed in all directions was attractive without dispute. So I decided that I would try.
And here is the short story how the choice of high school started. To do the proper decision I've read a lot of reviews of architectural universities of the country and even got some architects-friends. And Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture had leading positions. It is about the curriculum and style of life. Everything told that the process of education was going to be interesting and complex at the same time. And I thought that it was exactly mine.
So, here I am, and to conclude I'm quite happy of that fact. University justifies my expectations and I hope that I'll become one of the proud graduates who gratefully and proudly reminisce the time of studying there.


Ст. групи АД-11 Сугурова Т.



I study at the architectural faculty of Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture. All my life I have been attracted by creative work, so while still in school I wanted to go to this very university. Now I see that my choice was the right one: to study here is a pleasure. The atmosphere at the Faculty is very friendly, our lecturers and professors are always ready to help you. The lectures we attend are very interesting and understandable, the projects we work at develop our creativity.
Besides, our university is located in one of the most picturesque places in Kharkiv. From the windows of our classrooms we can see the beautiful views of Shevchenko Garden and in winter we can admire breathtaking sunsets.
So, as the choice of the university, you will study at, is one of the most important decisions in one's life, I think you will never regret entering KhNUCEA!


Ст. групи ВР-11 Разуменко В.




I am a third-year student of the Architectural Faculty of Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture. I am happy to study here because I think it is the best university in its field in Ukraine.
First of all I should say that we have a highly professional teaching staff. Our School of Architecture is a leading one in Ukraine. A lot of our professors and graduates have designed and constructed the majority of buildings and monuments that are now the visiting card of the city. This long list is headed by academician A.N. Beketov who designed more than 40 buildings in Kharkiv and has formed the architectural appearance of the city.
Students of our university have vast opportunities to improve their professional skills participating in international seminars, conferences and round tables. Some of our students have won grants and now are taking courses in a number o leading universities of Europe.
So, if you want to get good education, to spend your best studentship in friendly, creative atmosphere in one of the most beautiful places of Kharkiv, your choice is KhNUCEA.


Ст. групи А-31 Голубова А.




You have not yet chosen your future profession? If you want to get a decent education and a well-paid work after graduation from the university, to make your contribution to the development of your country, then your place is here, in KhNUCEA!
I study at the Sanitary Engineering faculty, department of Water Resources. This profession is in high demand nowadays because the problem connected with the shortage of fresh water is very urgent throughout the world. Here you will find highly qualified and friendly lecturers and professors who are always ready to help you in any situation.
Your student life will be unforgettable. There are a lot of sports clubs in our university: you may go in for football, volley-ball, gymnastics and many other sports. The university regularly hosts a variety of creative competitions and parties. Our trade union regularly organizes interesting excursions round the city and to different places of interest in Ukraine.
You will never regret, if you go to KhNUCEA!


Ст. групи А-31 Тимохіна А.




As for me, our University, Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, is one of the places where we can get to know people and ourselves in modern life. Of course, the acquisition of knowledge and quality education play an important role for me. Our University is an excellent "motivator" as it forces us to act and fight, and every time to prove the existence of the right of personality. It has powerful scientific and teaching staff.
Our University is a place where we can realize our creative potential. Our scientific construction and architectural schools are among the best in the country. There is a Research and Design Bureau at KhNUCEA. The most gifted students work there: they do custom-made projects. And above all, our University enables each of us to understand himself/herself and keep on the right track.
Civil engineers, scientists, architects, mechanics and other specialists bear the name of the KhNUCEA graduates with honour.
I hope you will never regret entering KhNUCEA!


Ст.групи А-42 Обламський А.

Higher education is an integral part of human being formation. Nowadays, there are many different universities. In choosing among them, special attention should be paid to our University. Why should you enter Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture? Our University possesses powerful scientific and teaching potential. I have chosen this University because I know that here I can get a decent education. There are a lot of opportunities for self-realization and self-development at KhNUCEA. All our professions are relevant, but architects and civil engineers are the most popular professions.
I study Architecture. I am surrounded by creative people. The highly qualified professors are prepared to share their knowledge and experience. Moreover our university is one of the few universities in which active architects teach. It should be noted that the academic buildings are located in the city center not far from metro stations. All nonresident students are housed in the dormitory. I hope that the title of "The Graduate of KhNUCEA" will be appreciated by employers.
If you enter our University, you will not regret!


Ст.групи А-42 Мітішин Г.




Our University is not just a place where we come to study. Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture has its own special atmosphere, where you can reveal your abilities and skills. During the period of training, our students can take part in the scientific research work under the guidance of our lecturers and professors, make presentations at seminars, conferences, publish their reports in the collections of scientific papers. So, you can express yourself as a creative person at our University.
The graduates of our University who have outstanding inclinations for scientific-research work have an opportunity to continue their studies at the post-graduate and doctorate courses. Our University has concluded contracts with ten states, including Italy, Germany, France for the exchange of promising graduates to enhance their qualifications.
I advise you to enter KhNUCEA!


Ст.групи П-42 Варвинський А.

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